Insulin storage

Different types of insulin have different storage needs, so always read the information that comes with your insulin. The following tips are a good general guideline to ensure you are storing your insulin safely.

  • Always check the expiry date on your insulin bottle or cartridge before using it.
  • Injecting cold insulin can be uncomfortable, so keep the insulin you are using at room temperature. It is generally safe to store insulin at room temperature for up to four weeks.
  • Store your spare insulin supplies in the fridge at 4A8A°C (39A46A°F) to keep it fresh.
  • Don't put your insulin too close to the freezer compartment in the fridge because it cannot withstand temperatures below 2°C (36°F).
  • Don't expose insulin to strong light or heat, such as the sunlight in a car or the heat of a sauna. Insulin loses its effect when it is stored at temperatures above 25A30°C (77°F-86°F -).
  • If you find yourself in a hot climate without a fridge, keep your insulin cool by storing it in a cooled thermos flask or wrapped in a cold, moist flannel.
  • Never use insulin that has become discolored, has a frosty coating on the inside of the vial or is cloudy if it is usually clear.


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