OneTouch® User Studies

Consistent accuracy of blood glucose monitoring systems can guide effective treatment decisions for people with diabetes. Several studies which confirm that OneTouch® Ultra Technology has delivered reliable measurement results for several years, providing you and your patients maximum reliability during diabetes therapy. You can read and download these studies about OneTouch® Products. To view PDF files, you must have the latest version of Adobe® Reader®.

OneTouch® Ultra® System Accuracy (2001-2007)
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In this report, accuracy data on over 58,000 OneTouch® Ultra® Test Strips collected in nearly seven years of clinical testing with 699 test strip lots provide a unique long-term perspective on system reliability and performance.

OneTouch® Ultra® Brand Test Strips: Meter Equivalence and Proven Accuracy
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OneTouch® Ultra® Test Strip Technology: a four-year study confirms the accuracy of OneTouch Ultra Test Strips for use with the OneTouch® Ultra® family of blood glucose meters.

OneTouch® Ultra® Blood Glucose Monitoring System Accuracy (2001-2004)
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In almost 45,000 measurements taken within this four-year study, it was shown that the OneTouch® Ultra® Blood Glucose Monitoring System constantly delivered excellent measurement results.

Continued use of the OneTouch® UltraSmart™ Blood Glucose System Helped Users Maintain Significant Improvement in Glycemic Control
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In this study it was proven that patients who used the OneTouch® UltraSmart™ Meter were able to maintain a lowered HbA1c result. The OneTouch UltraSmart Meter helped patients to understand their measurement results and take suitable action with only a few analytical functions.