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A Personal Overview of your Diabetes Trends

Download your OneTouch® Meter results to OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software for a visual way to track key factors that affect your diabetes and help you take control.

Understand your diabetes more clearly

  • An accurate record of your blood glucose results
  • Automatically formats reports for a visual picture of your test results
  • Identify at-a-glance when your glucose levels are out of target range
  • Visually review the additional data collected via the OneTouch® UltraSmart® Meter, such as medication, carbohydrates, exercise
  • Print colour charts and graphs

Optimise the discussions with your doctor

  • Provide your doctor with an accurate and easy-to-read record of your blood glucose results, to make it easier to discuss your diabetes management
  • Share your results with your doctor in between appointments using the e-mail and fax features


  • Large, easy-to-understand buttons guide you through the software
  • "One Click" to download your meter
  • Favourite report opens automatically
  • Built-in quick reference guide and user manual

Of course, OneTouch® Software is compatible with the entire family of OneTouch® Meters (with data port).

Choose from 11 different reports

  • Logbook Report highlights when high and low results occur
  • Use the Pie Charts to see how many of your test results are within your target ranges before and after meals
  • See patterns across 24 hours on the Standard Day graph
  • Review average readings by meal and day

Advanced features for experienced diabetes software users

  • Customise weekend and weekday schedules, plus insulin regimens, to suit your lifestyle
  • Keep a record of additional health check results e.g. HbA1c, blood pressure, cholesterol
  • Use the insulin report to see the relationship between insulin, carbohydrates and glucose

To view PDF files, you must have the latest version of Adobe® Reader®.